K. H. Joe Clingan
Chief of Police
Town of Nunn
185 Lincoln Ave.
Nunn, CO 80648
Fax 970-897-2540



The Nunn Police Department exists to enhance the quality of life in the community by providing cost effective law enforcement and public safety. To promote community well being thru traffic safety, patrol and code enforcement. The officers of The Nunn Police Department stand ready to provide a fair and honest delivery of enforcement to the citizens of The Town of Nunn.


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The Police Dept. will be looking for and issuing citations to owners of wrecked or inoperable vehicles that have not been moved for months. We will also begin citing residents of Nunn that are still driving on out of state license plates. A resident has 30 days to obtain CO. plates once they have established residency. We have been overlooking these violations for long enough.

Thank you,

Joe Clingan
Chief of Police

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